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148 - 152 Montague Street, Worthing, West Sussex BN11 3HH
Tel: 01903 234561


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 Mistral (in 'C' Hopsack Dove fabric)
2 seater small       MRP 1750  SALE 1225
 Small power rec   MRP 1772  SALE 1240
 Small armchair    MRP 1012
 SALE 708

 Chloe (in 'C' Checkers Putty)
 3 seater std            MRP 1748   SALE 1223
 Recliner  std          MRP 1436   SALE 1005
 Armchair small    MRP 916    
SALE 641

 Firth (in 'W' Eider Grey fabric as pic)
 3 seater sofa        MRP 1466  SALE 1026
 Power recliner    MRP 1404 
SALE 982
 Also available as a corner group

                                   Corner group

 Malvern (in 'B' Lydia Multi fabric as pic)
 3 seater sofa         MRP 1652 
SALE 1156
 Power rec              MRP 1652  SALE 1156



 Washington (in 'C' Rush Cream fabric)
2 seater sofa        MRP 1608  SALE 1125
 Recliner               MRP 1408 
SALE 925

 Oakland (in 'A' Boucle Jute fabric)
 2 seater sofa           MRP 1436  
SALE 1005
 Small armchair     MRP 774      SALE 541

 Malvern, Henley, Oakland, Florence and
 Venice power recliners are also available
 with the elevate function.
 Milton (in 'C' Union Dove fabric)
 2 seater sofa            MRP 1608   SALE 1125
 Power recliner        MRP 1692   SALE 1184
 Armchair                 MRP 970
     SALE 679
 Hepworth (in 'K' Regent Mink leather)
 2 seater sofa                MRP 1958 SALE 1370
Hepworth (in 'W' Spirit Pearl fabric)
Power recliner            MRP 1520 SALE 1064
 Henley (in 'B' Victoria Linen fabric)
3 seater sofa         MRP 1832  SALE 1282
 2 seater sofa         MRP 1692  SALE 1184
 Power recliner     MRP 1650  
SALE 1155


This G Plan Upholstery page aims to show our current stock and prices followed by a summary of the options available for the G Plan range. The MRP values below relate to the G Plan list prices for our stock models. Click on the price list button for all prices available - don't forget the sale discount! The prices are listed in columns by cover grade. For samples of the cover choice available click on the logo to visit the G Plan website. Click on the brochure button to download an easy way to view the range complete with dimensions. G Plan have a strong British heritage, we are proud to be their Premier Plus stockists. We recommend you personally visit the store.






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